Will a website video pay for itself?

Website for cats who want hats

Depending on the nature of your business and products or services you sell, a website video could add value to your business and cover its costs fairly quickly. It’s like many investments you make for your company.

If you have a hole on your website where a planned video will go, and this is your main reason for requiring a film, then it’s only really filling a gap rather than a brief. But when you have a message or value you need to communicate, then that’s where a video can really pay for itself.

We help with video ideas! More is explained in this blog post. 

When a new customer asks us about a film we always work backwards and question what the video needs to do (such as sell a product, encourage online visitors, or explain a message), and our next question is how quickly can the film pay for itself. The answers to these questions influences the ideas, style, direction, and content of a film.

Website for cats who want hats

Some websites go live for months without a video, as a film is often an afterthought.

If you are selling cupcakes then you need to sell hundreds for the costs to be recovered. But if you provide catering services, the film could be paid for after just two customer bookings once they see the film.

The cupcake film can help you sell hundreds of cakes, but you need ideas, content and strategy on how to aim for that result. That’s where we like to help.

Our video production prices are explained here.

Website video can often be an afterthought, but it’s human nature for us to watch a video rather than read through lots of text, so a video does need careful consideration.

If a film is nothing more than something on a list that needs ticking off once made, then it’s going to struggle to give you a return. If a video is part of your marketing project and will be a communication tool on social media, your website, and newsletters and press releases, then it is far more likely to do its job. And as when we make films we take photos, you will have a few more images to help explain your message too.

The author is Jonathan Robinson, founder of bellyflop.tv.



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