Drones: The Film Industry’s game changer?

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Hello, it’s Josh here and I’m the apprentice at Bellyflop TV.

Whenever there’s a new piece of kit on the market, we’re researching it to keep up to date, after all, we want to give our clients the best.

Drones are the newest trend in the video industry and it seems they are worth every penny. There are multiple videos on YouTube showcasing the astonishing visuals you can get through these cameras. We are moving into a new chapter of film tech and it’s only going up from here.

You can really tell why they are an upcoming trend; they are easy to operate, they get great visuals and they can shoot from above (a birds eye view) among many other reasons.

Some drones can be flown up to 3 miles away and 11,000 feet up in the air, but you must be cautious because there are some restricted zones in the UK such as near airports.

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We always keep updated with new tech, like how we do street view.

Here’s a blog post we did about it and why it’s worth it. 


Drones use GPS to locate where the controller is. There’s also a ‘go home’ button on the controller and once this has been pressed, the drone will fly back to you.

Some high end drones have collision sensors so that if the drone is on its way back and a tree is in the way, it will go higher to miss the tree.

The shots that drones can capture can be amazing and versatile. The best bit about some drones is how steady the shots can be! No kidding, it’s so steady that if you’re doing a tracking shot it looks like the camera is on a dolly.

The camera quality is very good but this does depend on the drone’s price, like some have no camera on them but do have a GoPro mount (as in picture above), others have a full 4K camera built into the drone itself. This depends on how much money you are willing to spend. The price range can go from £99 to £6,500, so choose carefully.

But beware! Learn and read how to operate your drone before flying it or you may end up being like these individuals. Be careful out there but have fun.

I think it’s safe to say that drones aren’t going anywhere – they’ve brought video production to a new level and are proving to be popular with video producers and customers.

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Author: Josh Owen is apprentice camera operator at Bellyflop TV. To read more about Josh, click here.


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