The Amazing Power of Event Live Streaming for Venues

Event Live Streaming

In the heart of every event, a story unfolds—filled with the laughter of weddings, the resonance of conferences, and the joyous union of diverse celebrations. Imagine weaving this narrative beyond the venue’s walls, reaching far and wide through the magic of live broadcast streaming, or event live streaming.

Hotel and conference venues are known for hosting impressive events, but not everyone can attend in person, unless of course the venue uses event live streaming. Also, as question marks are raised on the carbon footprint we create as a business, more extensive companies will consider hosting smaller events that still have a room full of people, but a large majority will also participate from home. This factor opens the doors for smaller venues that can host a few hundred people rather than ginormous conference venues. 

Providing this service is an exciting new chapter for Bellyflop; it’s not only a reinvestment into the business but also capturing the new opportunities new technology brings, and demanding audiences are increasingly becoming expected. 

A debate broadcast live: the Lancashire Devolution Consultation. Watch it again here:

So, how can our new kit improve your filmed event? For our event live streaming services we ditch the single-camera at the back of the room approach that merely captures glimpses on a wide angled frame. We elevate your events with robotic multi-camera pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) camera setups and professional audio, turning your gatherings into captivating experiences. Statistics reveal a surge in engagement and reach when events are broadcast live, providing various benefits for event venues. Primarily, you choose; the online audience can also engage in the live comments of the video if you decide to offer that. 

According to a study by Eventbrite, live-streamed events witness a 23% increase in attendance, offering hotels a chance to extend their hospitality to a broader audience. Imagine a wedding ceremony that not only unites two souls but unites hearts globally, creating memories that transcend borders.

Professional audio, coupled with dynamic camera angles, transforms the virtual experience. A recent report by TechSmith indicates that viewers are 40% more likely to engage with well-produced videos. Through the lens of multiple PTZ cameras, with our event live streaming service viewers become immersed in the ambience, whether it’s the heartfelt exchange of vows or the insightful discussions at conferences.

The evolution of event live streaming with Bellyflop. Learn more here:

Bellyflop is your competent companion for venues seeking a seamless live streaming experience. Bellyflop is a professional, affordable, and creative live streaming provider specialising in turning events into captivating stories accessible to a global audience. Imagine the reach your hotel could achieve by partnering with experts dedicated to weaving your narrative through the lens of innovation.

In conclusion, the benefits of live streaming events for hotels and event venues are undeniable. The statistics speak volumes, illustrating increased attendance and heightened engagement. By embracing multi-camera setups and professional audio, we can transform your events into immersive experiences that resonate far beyond physical boundaries. So, why settle for a confined audience when the world awaits your story?

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