Creating short films for local councils has been a big part of's work since we started in 2008.

The 'Investing in Growth' film above was one of a series of videos for Stockport Council.

The film above explained the new food waste recycling scheme for Trafford residents.

We have made videos for a whole range of departments such as Healthy Lifestyles, Communications, Safer Communities, Road Safety and Children’s Services.

The ‘Investing in Growth’ film above was one of a series of videos for Stockport Council.

The actual Councils we have worked with directly have included Stockport, Rochdale, Tameside, Trafford, and Manchester City Council. In Greater Manchester you will probably know a department, or someone we have made a film for.

Indirectly we have various customers (such as trade bodies and charities) which have partnered with local Councils to create videos.

All of the films we have made with local Councils appear on our website here. 

From making all of these films we have learned:

  • To understand how partnerships between different departments and agencies work.
  • That value for money and delivering a project on time is key to a successful film.
  • The nature of the work means sometimes a new member of staff from the Council may take on a project at any point before it is completed.
  • We often are working with someone who has never been involved in the video-making process.
  • Whilst filming we are representatives of the Local Council.

No two films (or projects, or even departments) work the same at a local council. So being supportive and open-minded is what we find works best.


If you are in a local council / authority, and require a video it’s quite possible we have done one in the area you require so just email us, call the office on 0161 477 5621, or complete the online contact form.