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Live Streaming Services

Bellyflop has always been at the forefront of identifying and catering to the evolving needs of our clientele.

The Evolution of Live Streaming with Bellyflop

We’ve long understood the game-changing potential that live streaming holds for audiences everywhere. So, when the time seemed ripe, we dove headfirst, investing heavily in a state-of-the-art live streaming setup. This setup boasts dynamic pan-tilt cameras and high-fidelity audio equipment for crystal-clear broadcasting.

Historically, our modus operandi involved filming events and quickly transforming those recordings into concise, engaging films ready to be published the next day. This approach stemmed from the idea that events are time-sensitive; thus, immediate sharing evokes the most authentic reactions and engagement.

live streaming services

According to Eventbrite, 67% of people are more likely to buy a ticket for an event or a concert after watching a live video.

live streaming services

Why Live Streaming is the Future of Events

However, we’ve observed a significant paradigm shift in viewing preferences. Today, many individuals prefer real-time experiences. Instead of waiting for a next-day film, they crave the immediacy and thrill of the event as it unfolds.

The pandemic accelerated this trend, with people not only desiring but also expecting live broadcasts. When our clients echoed this sentiment and expressed a growing interest in live streaming capabilities, we were more than prepared to rise to the occasion with our advanced equipment.

Unlocking the Benefits of Real-time Broadcasting

Live streaming isn’t just another broadcast method—it offers several distinct advantages:

High Engagement: Live streaming is a magnet for audience attention. It captivates those watching remotely and those present at the event. Attendees often share live stream links on their social channels, and some even tune into the stream simultaneously, enhancing their on-site experience.

Universal Accessibility: Whether it’s geographical constraints, personal anxieties, scheduling conflicts, or any other reasons that might keep someone from attending, live streaming ensures they don’t miss out. They can join the excitement from wherever they are.

Replayability: Platforms like YouTube Live archive live streams, making them accessible long after the event concludes. This feature allows audiences to revisit their favourite moments whenever they wish.

Cost-Effectiveness: Our streamlined setup involves a singular operator managing multiple cameras. This eliminates the need for numerous camera personnel and introduces real-time editing. The operator switches between camera feeds live, reminiscent of a TV studio setup.

This process delivers a polished live stream and reduces post-event editing efforts, saving both time and money.

live streaming services

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