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Bellyflop TV's Filming Guide

Our new customers can get understandably nervous about having a video made.

If video production is something they have never done before there is uncertainty how what they require is developed into ideas, which then becomes a finished video.


Filming Guide

Above is our filming guide we ask customers to complete. If you require a film we will email one to you, just click here!


What we do to make this an easy process is give customers a filming guide. What this document really is, is the early script for the film.

By asking customers what ‘statements’ a film needs to make, what the opening and closing images should be, and what the first 15 seconds of audio should say, this goes on to become the film.

How to look good on camera– a blog post with handy tips!

We take these notes in the filming guide and then base any interview questions on this. Any images we are asked to feature are filmed and photographed.

If the film is a more detailed project we will also write a script with details of what the images and sounds will be at each stage of the video- but this takes time so not something we do for smaller jobs, and it’s usually not necessary when a customer has completed a filming guide.

By asking what is required from a film it’s no surprise that when a customer receives the first edit of the video in an email link, it’s what they asked for.

We revise the film in edit where we need to, and resend the film to the customer again, and may possibly do that a third time, until the film is exactly right.

A great video is down to good planning before you pick the camera up, and it’s not just our customers who are judged on the quality of a video, it’s also us.

We don’t just give help with videos, we give support on social media too. This is Jonathan’s view on scheduling tweets in advance.


Author: This article has been written by Jonathan Robinson, who films most of the videos for



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