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Creating Magic on Screen: The Art of Entertainment Video Production

The founder of Bellyflop.tv is an entertainment television producer and director (as well as a factual and children’s programme director).  So it’s no surprise we like making videos fun and energetic when given the opportunity.

These ideas can apply to various customers, such as:

An event requires a light hearted video to play at the start of proceedings
A company want their staff to appear in a fun video to share online
A group of people are tasked with making a video as a team building exercise.

The biggest advantage to making a fun film is people are more likely to share it online, which leads to more views and YouTube prioritise the video.

Many of the entertainment films we have made can be seen in a list of videos here.

And these videos feature people singing and dancing!

A video of a fashion shoot required style and energy to reflect the products.

Mastering the Art of Viral Video Production: Creating Content that Captivates Audiences

The video-making process not only results in a great film, but it can also be an enjoyable experience for those taking part too.

A film can have ‘entertaining elements’ in it and still be informative and intelligent- it can give business to business films a breath of fresh air and avoid being stuffy and corporate.

A video of a fashion shoot required style and energy to reflect the products.

The word ‘viral’ is often misused. You hear people convinced their film will go ‘viral’ but this is much harder than you think (although we have quite a few of our own that have exceeded half a million views each).

There is a lot of social science to making a film popular but if you have an idea or want ideas for a campaign, project, or message, just ask us for some help either email, call us on 01282 222620, or use the contact form.

Singing, dancing footballers appear in a video for a fundraising event.

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