These are’s company values. Ultimately they are to reflect or attitude and approach to work. In a fast changing industry no doubt our values will change too, to make us a stronger, more successful and a company suitable for our customers.

Honesty– Our customers must feel reassured that the price we quote is the price they pay. All prices to be agreed in advance. The content of the film and the process of achieving that must be ethical and fair.

Respect- We have empathy for the customer and those involved in the filming, making the process as enjoyable as possible. We respect our customers have deadlines and in turn we require customers appreciate the scale of work we undertake, and to pay us on time.

Viability-  We want our customers to be satisfied we have followed the brief set and the end result can deliver the best it can and be a good return of investment. The film itself needs to be profitable for us so we can continue as a business.

Professional- On all levels from the language we use in contact with customers, how we behave whilst filming or have clients in the edit suite. Also open to suggestions, new opportunities and constructive criticism.


October 2016.