Video for recruitment

Through video, you can provide a behind-the-scenes look at your company, giving potential candidates a sense of the working environment, team dynamics, and company culture. This can be more engaging and insightful than just reading about it.

The above video was made to encourage NVQ Level 3 Carers to apply for an exciting new challenge.

A website video can help with recruitment. We have various customers that have used films as part of the staff hiring process, to reach out and engage with the people who have the skills and attitude they really need.

  • A film can advertise a job vacancy, such as this video we did for a specialist college looking for NVQ Level 3 carers
  • A video can explain a companies standards and expectations in those who apply for vacancies, such as the film we made for a recruitment company
  • Videos of the other staff members in a company can help those applying for a job feel familiar with the rest of the workforce. We filmed all of the staff for this company and explained the structure of the workforce.
  • This film we created for a local authority was made to encourage applications for school crossing patrollers,
  • A general video profile of this healthcare company was created to encourage applications from a specialist skillset.
  • A well known holiday resort used a video pod we set up that toured UK shopping centres, and encouraged those interested to audition.
  • We also do virtual tours of a company premises like this one– these are useful for those who are thinking of applying for a job with a company to take a walk around the inside of the building to get an idea of the standards and welfare of the business they may work for.

Once you have a video made, you can use social media such as Facebook to specifically target the age group, location, occupations and interests of the potential staff you want to reach with the video.

Feel free to ask us for some ideas- email, call us on 01282 6222620, or complete our ‘Contact Us‘ form, and if you want to contact any of the above examples above for a reference on us please do, or just ask us for the details of the companies.

We have many more examples of recruitment videos we have made for customers in a list of videos here.

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