Google Street View for Business is something we offer to our customers. This is a 360 degree internal photographic tour of a building (such as a shop, play centre or museum) and it’s linked to Google maps so it comes up in search results.

Above is a Street View Tour we did for Arbuthnot Opticians in Barry, south Wales.

A Google Street View Tour can have some real practical uses, here are some examples we created for customers:

The cost of a tour depends on how large the area is that a tour needs to cover, and certified Street View photographers tend to follow the price guide issued by Google. As a guide, a small business (such as a high street shop) would be £225 + VAT, a business with two or three separate rooms (such as a vets or opticians) is £350 + VAT, then a larger business on two levels with about five or six rooms is £450 + VAT.

We have done tours for entire buildings such as warehouses and colleges and the cost for these are all calculated by visiting the location.

Most of the Google Street View Tours we have done have also been made into videos, and can be seen here.

If you are thinking about getting a quote for Google Street View, consider the following:

A certified Google Street View photographer will guide you every step of the way.

More details about the Google Street View Tours we do can be found on the website here. If you have any questions just call us on 0161 477 5621, email us, or complete  the contact form.

Feel free to directly contact any of our customers we have done Google Street View tours for, for a reference. They all appear here.

Author: Jonathan Robinson is the Street View Photographer for and has completed over 50 tours so far.