Opinion: What’s wrong with Gogglebox?

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Watching Gogglebox is like watching self obsessed local commercial radio DJs who find absolutely anything in their day to talk about, and subsequently over react to.

This is exactly what is wrong with Gogglebox: the same people mainly have been in the show for up to 8 series. In that time they have had chance to absorb how the public react to them on a weekly basis. It’s not like a series that is recorded in a block and transmits months or even a year later. What Jenny and Lee say in their caravan over in East Riding one week, people in the street will be reacting to them face to face next. So they give the audience what they think they want. ‘Oh I loved it when you two screamed at Freddie Krueger’.


Jenny and Lee from Gogglebox waiting for something to react to.

So every comment, every foolish statement, and every overreaction that gets a laugh they do more of. If you watch the end credits you will spot casting and edit producers who refine their every word.

The living rooms they film Gogglebox in are rigged with lights that make them brighter than heaven. A totally unnatural tv viewing situation.

Scarlett from Gogglebox smiling

Scarlett is known for her words of wisdom

Gogglebox is uniquely popular because it has something specifically in common with the viewers; we are also watching the television right at that moment as well, and feel like we all could be stars of Gogglebox too. It’s also a really cheap programme in many respects too because they don’t have to pay for the tv clips they show as they are in the week long window of ‘review purposes’. This comes under the UK law of fair dealing which is explained more here.

As the show has increased in popularity maybe more frustrations will appear from the ‘cast’ (who probably receive just modest expenses but restricted on doing media appearances), yet are the ‘stars of the show’. Scarlett from Newcastle is on ‘I’m A Celebrity’, this year and Stephen and Chris from Brighton previously landed a Virgin media advert.

Gogglebox has got lazy and complacent and as a Channel 4 programme that is wrong, every series should be a brand-new cast of people. And why should I or we care? Because we the public own channel 4 and have not forgiven them yet for paying £75 million for the bake off tent and Paul Hollywood.

Author: Jonathan Robinson is a TV Producer and YouTuber, and owns Bellyflop.tv.


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