Google Street View Certified

We can get your business on Google maps.

Google Street View is a 360 degree internal photography tour of a business, linking through to Google Street Maps. It allows those surfing online to take a tour inside your business and it can provide many uses, from coffee shops to engineering workshops.

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We have created many tours such as…


We are certified to provide Google Street View and appear on the approved list of providers by Google here  the certification guarantees the photographer has passed the high standards Google set for street view tours to be uploaded to Google maps.

Be cautious about using someone not certified as their tour may be deleted by Google at a later date if it doesn’t pass their quality standards.


Above is a Google Street View Tour we created for The Respectable Company, embedded onto the web page from Google maps.

What is the advantage of having a Google Street View tour?

  • People will find your business when they search for you on Google.
  • Potential customers can interact with your business, virtually walking through the door.
  • You can embed the tour into your website and share it on social media, blogs, newsletters, display it at exhibitions and embed the tour in funding bids and tenders.
  • You also get high quality photographs taken of the business at the same time.
  • It’s all for a one-off single price.



We have created videos from the many Google Street View tours we have done so far, these can all be viewed here, along with all of the tours on this page have been made by

Doing a Street View Tour at the same time as we are creating a video for the business location is the best use of time, as we are only interrupting the business once and you only have to get everything ready for filming or photography once too.


Common questions…

  • How much will it cost? Just like every video we create, each 360 degree tour cost depends on the size of location. We have done the above prices as a guide, but if the tour is part of a package with video then overall the price will be less. There may be travel costs if the location is outside Greater Manchester but the best thing to do is to contact us to give you a quote.
  • How long does it take to photograph the tour? It depends on the size of the business- usually two hours for a typical shop front business but something like a college to town hall may be up to 10 hours.
  • How does it get uploaded to Google? Being certified we have log in details to load the tour direct to Google maps. We also upload photographs too.
  • When is the best time of day to do the tour? Google are strict that the tours do not feature people internally, so when the business is closed but during daylight is the best time to do the tour.
  • How can we prepare beforehand? We will explain this further, but anything confidential needs removing, any sales posters, bins, old furniture, items stuck to computer screens all needs removing. We will do a walk through before doing the 360 degree tour and will raise any issues on the day.


If you have any questions about Google Street View just email Jonathan here, call us on 0161 477 5621 or use the contact form.


This video by Google explains Street View further.