What is Graphic Creation?

We’ve filmed, we’ve edited and now you have the first draft of your film!

So what’s next?

During the edit of your second draft I will include graphics, colour correction and any visual effects that will make your video look amazing.

Don’t know how to ask for changes? See my previous blog post: 5 Steps to your finished film

So what are graphics? Graphics are designs that are included over the top of the visuals; these could be name straps – so people know who’s talking, contact details – so your viewers and potential customers can get in touch, social media account handles and your company logo.

Film: isGroup Signage’s graphics follow the company colour scheme.

In my email to you I will ask for any brand guidelines, corporate colours, fonts etc. and a high-resolution copy of your company logo. This way I can create the graphics for your film so they correlate with your company’s brand identity and can be used as part of your marketing strategy.

Once I have these, I create the graphics in PNG format, insert them onto the video and send it back to you as a final draft!

Author: Sammi is the primary Edit Ninja at Bellyflop TV. She may be whizz on the Avid but she can’t be quiet like an actual Ninja!



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