What is Graphic Creation?

Graphics by bellyflop tv

We’ve filmed, we’ve edited and now you have the first draft of your film!

So what’s next?

During the edit of your second draft I will include graphics, colour correction and any visual effects that will make your video look amazing.

Don’t know how to ask for changes? See my previous blog post: 5 Steps to your finished film

So what are graphics? Graphics are designs that are included over the top of the visuals; these could be name straps – so people know who’s talking, contact details – so your viewers and potential customers can get in touch, social media account handles and your company logo.

Film: isGroup Signage’s graphics follow the company colour scheme.

In my email to you I will ask for any brand guidelines, corporate colours, fonts etc. and a high-resolution copy of your company logo. This way I can create the graphics for your film so they correlate with your company’s brand identity and can be used as part of your marketing strategy.

Once I have these, I create the graphics in PNG format, insert them onto the video and send it back to you as a final draft!

Author: Sammi is the primary Edit Ninja at Bellyflop TV. She may be whizz on the Avid but she can’t be quiet like an actual Ninja!



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