Is your business ready for Instagram’s changes?

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Instagram are going to be rolling out new features over the next couple of months that could possibly change how small businesses use the platform altogether!

Bye bye “likes”

Instagram announced that posts can be liked, however, the number of likes on a post won’t be able to be seen by your audience. This can be seen as a negative but it actually is a huge positive for small businesses! Your customers won’t be judging you on your interactions but your quality of what you are posting.

“Explore” your way to the top!

Instagram have altered their algorythms so that good quality posts that are unique and not taken from other sources are more likely to get featured on their “Explore” page. Featuring on this page means that your business is getting out there to a fresh audience who are interested in your product.

Be careful with your hashtags!

Using hashtags that doesn’t align to your posts in order to get likes or interaction can mean that you actually get pushed out of the “explore” because your content won’t belong there. Make sure you streamline your hashtags and have a dedicated audience in mind.

Bellyflop’s Top Instagram Tips

  1. Have fun with your content: Be creative, use a range of content including short videos.
  2. Filter Fun: Start experimenting with filters to make your images extra awesome, you’ll end up with a whole bank of your favourites
  3. Reply! Reply! Reply!: Make sure if someone comments on your photo that you respond, Instagram gives more attention to content that has been interacted with but also…it’s just polite!

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