Creating a Buzz: Coldplay

It’s four years since the last Coldplay album. In that time the way we listen to and buy music has increasingly changed to online and on demand, with us even being able to now just ask Google or Alexa to play a song we want to hear.

So when Coldplay, admittedly 40 something guys who don’t have the image of the likes of Ariana Grande or Dua Lipa, need to get exposure for the new album, what do they do?

Well, what they have done has certainly done the job as far as getting a message out is concerned- they placed adverts in two local newspapers listing the tracks on the new albums as well as posting typed letters to fans. Then the rest is left to blog posts like this, and social media, to spread the word.

I don’t know what to call this form of marketing, it’s almost a reverse or retro form of communicating. In a very crowded media space such as Twitter or Facebook which is just awash with marketing content, they have opted to do something where it is so much easier to be heard- and because they have been then the message starts to spread.

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So what’s my thoughts on this. Don’t be scared to be traditional in how you communicate- embrace all ways of getting your message across. Video? yes of course! Social media- yep. Adverts in the local newspaper and hand typed letters to fans- it’s worth a go.

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