How do you compare the value of a video?

I’m interested in finding out about peoples perception of value when it comes to video marketing vs printed materials so just want to throw this out there for comment, can you help?

Firstly I would like to highlight that I understand and appreciate the value in printed matter, I feel there will always be a need and desire for print, whether that is glossy brochures, catalogues or any of the other printed items we encounter on a daily basis.  My question is more about how the value of that ie perceived vs video content. Both mediums can convey the same information in different ways but arguably to the same audiences so how do we decide which is best?

Lets look at a scenario, this is a real life example I have been presented with.  With ever changing trends in communication a client is assessing which option they should pursue.  They have a budget for marketing but it is limited so producing both video and printed content is not really an option.   The two options being explored are:

a) 1000 Glossy company brochures, around 20 pages with general promotional information on products and services etc

b) 1 two minute profile video highlighting the company and their premises. It includes staff interviews and testimonial content

Lets work on the basis each will cost £2,500 – £3,000.  Delivery times are similar and contributors are happy with either option.  The organisation is traditional but feel themselves as forward thinking.  Clearly each brochure can be distributed once however this may be re-shared by the recipient.  The video can be shared across all social media platforms, websites and in emails.  I completely understand that I am likely to be biased as I work in video production but I am interested to learn how others feel about this.

Does the brochure feel like better value for money? Clearly you can feel the paper so it is visually pleasing, has tactile qualities in addition to having that smell that freshly printed glossy brochures have.  Because you can see, touch and smell it and have a vague understanding  the processes involved does this make it feel like better value for money?

The Video can be seen so it visually pleasing and arguably more stimulating, you can hear the audio content but because it’s a digital asset that exists in a non physical form you can’t feel or smell it.  It’s easier to consume as as you just need to watch and be be receptive to visuals and sound but does that fact you cannot hold it in your hand make it feel unaffordable?

I have no answers to this and clearly some people will be more drawn to one over the other on a personal level but as a business which would you opt for?  Oh and I know you can ‘feel’ a good video but books can also be incredibly stirring emotionally.

Please let me know, I am keen to understand more.  At Bellyflop we believe in video and believe it should be accessible, affordable and achievable so you may just be surprised that either project could be produced for the same outlay.  If this is the case then tell me, perhaps as video makers we just need to dispel the myth that video is expensive?


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