Celebs on the Farm

A new TV series that I produced and directed starts on Monday 20th of August at 10pm on Channel 5 and 5 Star.

I started Bellyflop 12 years after my TV career started. Occasionally I go back to TV to work on a few shows when the chance arises. One such opportunity was a brand-new series called ‘Celebs on the Farm’ which as the title suggests features famous people working on a real farm in Hastings, Sussex.

My role on the programme was to lead and support a team of camera operators and sound recordists as we filmed celebrities do a series of tasks and challenges, the start of the day in the barn, and the all important evictions.

I was also responsible for keeping things entertaining for the viewers so for example on the time trial around the farm we set up a Prosecco station to catch the celebrities out, as they sat down and drank whilst the clocks still ticked.

Still doing the occasional TV show is handy because I go back to Bellyflop with fresh new ideas on the way broadcast TV is made, and the latest in camera equipment and systems can also influence how we do things for our customers.

So I hope you have a chance to watch ‘Celebs on the Farm’, hopefully we will get lots of press coverage and posts on social media because it really is talk about telly. It’s on every weeknight for two weeks at 10pm on ‘5 Star’.



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