Stockport LIVE is here!

video by bellyflop tv

As part of our growing community work in Stockport, we have created Stockport LIVE!

Stockport LIVE is a new branch of Bellyflop TV that specialises in building community spirit and awareness through video. Every week we are aiming for a new film to be posted to the page about the community or an event that people in Stockport may be interested in learning more about.

What do people like about Stockport? We asked fellow shoppers!

We also aim to go LIVE as much as we can. As it says in the name, LIVE video is what the page is all about. We have new tech that will connect us straight to Facebook and will let us broadcast what’s around us.

With Facebook groups like ‘Stockport Memories‘ springing up it is the right time to improve our reach within Stockport and spread the message to our fellow Stopfordians here and beyond!

Picture Stockport is an art trail around the town centre.

Stockport LIVE can be found on Facebook predominantly but is also on Twitter @Stockport_Live

Our film commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Strawberry Studios!


Author: Sammi Wilde is the principle Edit Ninja at BellyflopTV. She loves Stockport and is honoured to be making films showing off how amazing the area is!


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