How can video content be adopted within the funeral sector?

Using funeral sector video marketing content to help market your funeral-related business may not be something you would have thought of, but now is the perfect time to explore new opportunities. The funeral sector has seen significant challenges and changes recently with the global pandemic and the CMA order. There are further changes on the horizon with forthcoming regulations from the FCA. With attitudes toward funerals changing and an increase in direct cremation, the funeral sector is an industry ripe for disruption from new technologies, ideas and services.

This blog post explores how you utilise video content within the funeral sector to help drive transformation and grow your business. The adoption of video content and its integration into different processes is an increasing trend among enterprises across all industries. Video content can take many forms, and it doesn’t always have to be a recorded video – images or even animated gifs can count as video content too! So, how can video be added to your content marketing plan within the funeral sector, and why is content marketing important within the funeral sector?

Content marketing uses content to promote a product or service, an essential element of many business marketing strategies today, for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, content is relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing activities such as advertising. Therefore, it can help companies to cut down on their marketing costs. But it’s not just a cost-effective option – it’s also a way to build trust with potential customers and can help drive sales. After all, the more content you have out there, the more people will be able to learn about your product or service and the more likely they are to buy it. As you can see, content marketing is an integral part of businesses’ marketing strategies today – even within the funeral sector.

So why is content marketing important for the funeral sector? To a non-funeral professional, it seems obvious. Content marketing will allow you to share a deeper insight into your business and work. Most people are naturally curious about other people’s work, and the funeral profession is no different. Many elements of your work may feel ordinary and mundane to you as you deal with them daily, but these are interesting factors to the broader public.

Why should The Funeral Sector start using video content? The funeral sector is primarily driven by emotion. The purchase of funerary goods and services is often described as being a highly “emotional decision”. Recognising this, funeral directors try to help reduce customers’ stress during this difficult time. Video could further alleviate some of the stress customers experience by providing information about the funeral process, their options and the various products available in a more accessible way, empowering families to feel equipped with the knowledge required to make the necessary funeral arrangements.

Even choosing which funeral home to use can be incredibly stressful. It is not like choosing a restaurant where you have a wealth of experience and knowledge to base your purchase decision on; most of us will rarely arrange a funeral, so we have no frame of reference for what we need to look for in a business. The best way to help a newly bereaved family would be to share information about the services you offer and reassure them of how accommodating and approachable you are. The simplest way to do this is by creating and adding a professional business profile film on your website’s home page to showcase your funeral home and allow families to ‘meet’ your staff before they step foot in your front door. Virtually meeting you and some of your team will make those critical first few moments in person much less of an ordeal as families feel they already know you.

How should video content be used in the funeral sector? There are lots of ways that video content can be used within the funeral sector to help improve customer experience. Here are some examples: –

  • Online booking tools:
    Online booking tools are a modern way for businesses to handle customer demand. After all, customers can book the service they need, e.g. booking a visit to visit a loved one in your chapel, from the comfort of their own homes. You may use video content to show customers how the booking process works and answer any questions they may have.
  • Information and guidance:
    Information about what to expect is incredibly helpful when people are going through a difficult time, such as losing a loved one. Funeral providers can create guides that walk customers through the entire process of what to expect when making arrangements and what to expect on the day of the funeral or explain the different funeral service options available.
  • How-to guides:
    Remembering that most people rarely have to plan a funeral, funeral providers can upload videos that cover various topics, such as how to create a meaningful farewell for a loved one, guidance on writing a eulogy or etiquette for funerals.
  • Tutorials:
    You may be keen to support environmental concerns or help those who may find the cost of flowers burdensome. You could include a video on making a handmade wreath or hand-tying a bouquet from seasonal foliage and flowers from the garden.

On reflection, it may seem to the outside world that the funeral sector has seen little change in recent years. The reality is quite different. Any period of change forces us to adapt but also allows us to grow our business through improvements by looking at our companies objectively. The funeral sector is an industry ripe for disruption from new technologies, ideas and services. While we need to maintain tradition, it is also essential to meet the needs of modern, more digitally focused clients. You can use video content within your business to help revolutionise it. Video is versatile, and you can use it in many different ways. When used effectively, video content can help funeral providers improve their customer experience, drive more sales, and increase brand awareness.

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