Bellyflop can help you achieve your social goals. Whether that is growing your social media presence as a whole or focussing in on a specific platform we provide training and support bespoke to you and your business.

Our main area of expertise is undoubtedly video, working in broadcast TV for over twenty years and creating social video content since the early 2000’s means we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. When it comes to video we know what will work and what doesn’t so if you are looking to add video production to your skillset or to your teams skillset then get in touch. We can tailor workshops pitched at your level. If you are looking to create the best content possible utilising your smartphone or DSLR camera or if you are looking invest in a video camera then we can help you get the most from it.

We can tailor packages to suit you in terms of budget and timescales. Intensive courses or monthly retainers where you develop your skills over a period of time. If you are new to video and want to hire a videographer and want to understand what attributes are necessary before hiring the right (or wrong) person then we can support you in that too.

Feel free to contact us or give us a call for a no obligation chat about our bespoke training.

Are you a trainer? Do you have a team of people who need to be trained? Of course over time all our needs change and training requirements change too. Bellyflop are able to help you create a suite of video training materials to support your teaching and your students learning. We all learn at a different pace so having the ability to refer back to a training video is a great comfort for staff.

Training projects we have worked on include transforming the new starter induction process to video tutorials. This ensures that every staff member is given the same information in the same way. Theories may be expanded on in the classroom but the video content is there for learners to re-visit at a later date or for employers to re-visit when promoting continuous personal development (CPD).

Another client had developed a complex customer relationship management (CRM) app and wanted staff to have a series of tutorials to refer to. This has proved extremely effective and has saved the trainer considerable time in responding to queries when staff forget how to complete an action. Staff are now able to watch the tutorial and resolve the issue themselves.

The benefit of video is simply that if a chance is made to policies, procedures or legislation then the element can simply be re-recorded and added to the company suite of materials and also disseminated to staff so everyone has the same information at the same time.

If you think video might help you in your business then contact us for a no obligation chat about what might work for you.

Feel free to contact us or give us a call for a no obligation chat about our bespoke training.

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