Why Visiting the Edit is Beneficial for your Film!

video by bellyflop tv

In this vlog, Sammi, Senior Editor at Bellyflop TV talks about the advantages of customers visiting the edit. Claire Stott of Orbit Developments gives her testimonial about how visiting the edit helped her film get finished so much quicker!


Hi, I’m Sammi.

Here in the edit my job is to turn what’s been filmed into an amazing video that is tailored to what a customer wants. This is usually identified from the filming guide filled in by the customer.

Through the interviews and the visuals I get a feel or a vibe and I translate that into a film using images, music and graphics to create an early version of the video; what we call a draft edit.

Now editing everyday is a bit of a lonely process sat here with the keyboard and lots of footage so I want our customers to visit us more often and experience what happens in the edit.

Being here can speed up the time in getting a film complete as well. Especially if the customer has an idea in mind which can be hard to write in an email.

A good example is a film we made for Claire Stott from Orbit Developments. Claire came into the office and sat with me as I showed her all of the footage for a networking event video.

Claire: We’re quite lucky because we’re (Orbit) only 6 or 7 miles away from the office and we could’ve just communicated to each other via email or on the phone, but it does normally end up in email tennis where you’re sending edits to each other constantly.

So, I’ve popped into the office and we’ve been able to go through all of the amends in about an hour.

It’s nice actually to be able to see all of the footage, if me and Sammi were just emailing each other then she’d send me her proposed cut of the video but I got to see all of the footage that was gathered from the day.

Once I’d actually shown her the types of footage that I wanted to include she was able to edit it a lot better towards my needs.

When I got to see the final version of the film, it was exactly what I was looking for! i know that was down to the fact that I came in and got to sit with Sammi and look through all of the footage.

Sammi: I enjoy meeting our customers and when they visit the edit that enjoy the experience too; seeing how their film is put together.

So if you’d like to visit us when we’re editing your film, just email us or call us on 0161 477 5621.



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