Why video marketing is your brand’s future?

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Hello, Carol here.

Times have changed and so have the audience. Old fashioned media outlets are no longer the main one’s we use. The era of mobiles, smart phones and the internet has changed the way we perceive the world and advertisements and that’s why video marketing has become so important.

Looking at REELSEO’s report, 2016 is expected to be the year of a video marketing boom as a repercussion of YouTube hitting 40 billion all-time views for branded content last year. YouTube was launched 11 years ago and ever since has been playing an important part in on-line advertising. It is not only because of the ads before main videos but also because of companies having direct channels with their ads and company related videos.

So, why exactly is video marketing is your brand’s future?

First of all, it is different from standard television advertising that attracts the audience and allows us to be even more creative with the content.

We’ve been in the video marketing industry for 8 years now and we understand the need of promoting the brand but doing it in a subtle way, more of telling the story instead of bombarding viewers with meaningless slogans.

Let’s take for example our opticians films, you might think we’re showing you around their practice and opticians are saying few words about their work but what we actually do is send a message to potential clients’ subconcious to visit the practice.




It is important to have a good branding image and video marketing that can make that image not only stronger but also help with brand recognition and eventually attaching viewers to it.

Video marketing will boost your brand recognition and that is important not only as the aspect of being well-known or having more “likes” on your social media but will bring more customers to you as people turn to try new things if they feel familiar to them.

That’s exactly what we do. We are creating videos that will promote your brand, help you gain more customers and allow people to get to know you and your business.





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