Why Customers Should Visit the Edit!

video by bellyflop tv

Claire Stott of Orbit Developments tells us why visiting the edit benefited her and her film.


Hi, I’m Claire from Orbit Developments, we are a commercial property company based in South Manchester. The reason I’ve come in today is because we’ve been working on a video for Macclesfield Means Business.

We’re quite lucky because we are [Orbit] 6 or 7 miles away from the office and we could’ve just communicated to each other via email or on the phone but it does normally end up in email tennis where you’re sending edits to each other constantly. So I’ve popped into the office and I’ve just been able to go through all of the amends in about a hour.

It’s nice actually to see all of the footage, if me and Sammi were just emailing each other then she’d send me her proposed cut of the video but I got to see all of the footage that was gathered from the day and it was nice to see all of the different bits and pieces and I can give a bit of a background to Sammi as to the different characters in the video.

In this case it’s about the start of a new networking group. So I wanted to get across the fact that it’s a friendly community to join.

Once I’d explained that to Sammi and shown her the types of footage I wanted to include, she was able to edit it better towards my needs and it helped us to cut the film down in length because I could tell Sammi you know those bits aren’t required.

I love coming in to the office, the team are really lovely and you always get offered a brew which is great. So you just get to sit and relax and go through all the edits at our own time and our own pace. It feels really chilled when you come in.

It takes a lot of stress away from the whole process because it enables us to cut a lot of time out. Overall we can get projects finished a lot quicker.

When I got to see the final version of the film, it was exactly what I was looking for and I know that was down to the fact that I actually came in and got to sit with Sammi and have a look through all of the footage.


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