Why are you so cheap?

why are you so cheap
why are you so cheap

Now, if we had a penny every time we’ve heard this, I think we’d have retired five years ago. But, indeed, our prices are usually lower than many other video production companies, but you know what isn’t? Our dedication, commitment, experience, and professionalism. So, what makes Bellyflop’s prices lower than most?

First, I want to clarify that we do not compete on price. We do not offer a ‘beat the quote’ promise and do not purposely set out to provide keener prices than others in the professional video production space. We simply offer fair and appropriate pricing and stand by our belief that video should be affordable, achievable and accessible to all, but why can we charge less than others?

Here are our top 5 reasons why our prices beat our competitors:

1) We don’t charge for silly things! Our pricing is transparent, and we don’t hide costs around the corner. Bellyflop charges for all the things you’d expect and nothing more. We don’t drive up our rates by charging for drafting project proposals and equipment hire for a ridiculous amount of kit. We use the right gear for the job and don’t bother with extra add-ons that may be nice to have but are actually not necessary. We certainly don’t charge for the conversations before, during and after your project!

Some quotes may hide sneaky charges that add up to a pretty hefty sum when combined. There’s none of that slippery business with Bellyflop! For example, we don’t charge clients extra if they want to film outside office hours. Why should we? Your office hours may not be the same as ours, so we won’t be caught charging a premium for filming at a time convenient for your staff and your business. Our team is on hand to film where you want, when you want, even if that’s a bank holiday or an evening shoot. Our rates for filming don’t change whether we film at dusk or dawn!

2) Another reason our prices are competitive is that the camera equipment we use is of such excellent quality (bear with us!). Bellyflop use broadcast standard tools, meaning our camera equipment is the same as you would find on location for many TV shows. Using this equipment means we’re doing a professional job with nothing but professional gear. We get the job done the first time, which means no charges for re-shoots and, again, no charges for additional equipment we don’t need.

We are not trying to cobble together poor components to try and make something work; using the right tools means we can be efficient. We have our own equipment, so we don’t usually need to hire kit in. Although, if we need a specialist piece of kit, then we make sure we have the right tool for the job. When hiring equipment, that cost is passed onto the clients with no premium for collecting or returning the hired kit. Thankfully, using our high-spec equipment means our job is a bit easier and is done the right way the first time.

3) We’re fair. Arguably the most important reason we can price ourselves cheaper than our competitors is that Bellyflop takes pride in our fair pricing structure. Even though a standard camera set-up costs in excess of £20,000 and all our team are paid a reasonable and appropriate rate for every shoot, even the ones we donate for free or at a reduced cost, staff do not get paid less because Bellyflop charges less.

We’re delighted with how our business is run. We are confident that Bellyflop is busy enough not to need huge profits from one-off projects but instead prefers to take smaller profits from a steady stream of projects meaning we can keep the cost to your business down.

4) 25+ years of experience has to count for something, right? We’ve been in the TV and Video space for a very long time! We have streamlined our processes and ways of working over years of working with video. Our camera operators are confident and competent, so we do the job efficiently and quickly without sacrificing quality or professionalism. It comes back to the adage that time is money. We use less time, meaning you spend less money. It’s as simple as that, but don’t be fooled. Although we spend less time on your projects, our films consistently exceed expectations and

Let me explain how that works. It may take ten minutes to perform a particular task when you start learning a new skill. After many years of practice, that same ten-minute task may only take six minutes to complete; that’s a 40% saving. We don’t charge you for the time it would take a newly skilled person to create your content, but for the time it takes a professional with appropriate levels of skill and experience to make your content. You’re hiring a professional video production team.

5) We staff projects appropriately. Here at Bellyflop, we upskill and train our staff, so we don’t overstaff a project. Our staff are highly trained to manage a variety of situations. We don’t always need an additional crew member specifically for sound, lighting, directing, or anything else. This relates to our TV experience where many of the programmes you know and love, such as Dog Rescuers, Homes Under The Hammer and The Yorkshire Vet, are shot by one person who manages all of those elements. Those nice-to-have team members need to be paid for, and ultimately, that cost falls on you.

We use our broadcast experience to deliver on our promises. Entertainment reality TV is predominantly on-location, not studio based. There are rarely storyboards for unscripted TV, so it is down to the skill of the cameraman to find the story in a situation. It’s part of the reason we don’t usually produce storyboards; they’re an extra cost that takes hours to create and lots of meetings.

At the end of the project, they end up in the bin. We can do them if requested, but it’s an additional charge, and we are transparent about that. We don’t add it as a compulsory element, so we keep the cost of your project down. Of course, we get a clear brief right from the outset so that everyone understands the shoot’s objective and measurables.

So, there you have it, our top 5 reasons our prices appear so cheap. Our years of industry experience in professional video production combined with streamlined processes mean that we can complete projects and produce professional films without your business incurring premium costs for not-so-premium projects!


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