Why an Apprenticeship at Bellyflop TV worked for me!

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The team at Bellyflop TV have recently filmed themselves in blogs and each week we will be publishing them to give you an insight into our world! Here’s our apprentice Josh and his story.



Hey up everyone, Josh here from BellyflopTV!

It’s been a year since I joined the team, so I’d like to talk to you about the experience and advantages of doing an apprenticeship.

I found out about the apprenticeship at Bellyflop TV after calling into the Apprenticeship store in Stockport. I saw the job advertised by Learning Unlimited and I thought – you know what, that’s for me!

I got a suit, new shoes, and had my first proper interview – and then I got the job and I was very happy!

When I started at Bellyflop TV, I was excited to start working but at the same time I was worried about a couple of things, like; Would I get on with the team? or… would I be able to live up to everyone’s expectations?

But after being there for not even a week I knew that I was going to be fine!

Everyone in the team is supporting me, helping me fix my errors and rewarding me when I do well.

But the main thing that has changed in me, since I joined Bellyflop TV, is my attitude towards life.

I used to just put in the minimal effort needed into anything that I did, I always used to say to myself “oh I’ll just wing it”. But now I put in the extra effort and sometimes I’d be up at three thirty in the morning just to get a sunrise shot over Rochdale!

The reason for my attitude change happened because I love what I do and I’ve got the best team by my side to work with.

I have found my calling and it’s all thanks to Bellyflop TV’s team. I’ve had the best start to my career and I can’t wait for my future at Bellyflop TV.

If like me, you’re wondering what your next step is in your education, like if you should either choose a job or go to university, read some of our blogs at bellyflop dot tv.

I recommend looking into apprenticeships, it’s made a huge difference in my life, it could even make one in yours.


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