What other video companies don’t want you to know.

You don’t always need a film crew to make great video content.

Sure, you know that already, you probably have a HD or 4K camera (or better) in your pocket or on your desk right now in the form of a smartphone. You know how to use that but the type of films you made on a lockdown Saturday night after a few glasses of wine may be perfect for TikTok but they aren’t content you want to use to promote your business.

In Jonathan’s blog way back in 2016 he talked about Rough, Ready, Relevance. Click here to read that post.

It’s something I have mentioned many times since then and if you’ve met me then you’ll know I always advocate utilising the tools you have available where possible. OK so the production values will be lower, the sound may not be perfect and I am sure there’ll be some who will critique even the smallest detail. Before you dismiss the idea and either write off the idea of video completely or dig in to your marketing budget then consider where the video will end up, who will see it, what message you want to convey and more importantly what is the lifespan of this video?

What should you consider?

If this is a time-critical response to the governments latest Covid guidance or in relation to something happening right now then taking time to arrange a shoot with a professional company may mean that the moment has passed and your timely update is old news before it is filmed, edited and delivered. On the other hand, if this is something that will have some longevity, such as an update from a holiday company or hotel highlighting their increased cleaning regimes, new public space layouts and housekeeping protocols that are likely to be in place for another few months at least then get those done right. A professional film, shot well with a clear script will help reassure guests and the fact you have taken time and effort to convey this message will indicate that you have taken 

Even with social distancing rules in place and with budgets further constrained there are still ways in which we can help you convey your messages clearly and effectively.

How can we keep costs down?

    • Archive Footage – Have we filmed with you before or has someone else created films for you? It’s possible we can utilise your own archive footage to create new content. Recycling or Up-cycling is all the rage now and that goes for video too.
    • Stock Video – Is video new to you or are you looking to create something different? Using stock imagery may be one way to generate professional-looking content for you but remember to keep it real, don’t portray yourself as a multinational in a city centre glass skyscraper if you’re working from the kitchen table.
    • Be Creative & Plan – If you decide to invest in a video then consider what you may use video for in the future. Maximise the shoot day, keep the cameras recording for as long as possible. You may only have the need or budget to edit one film right now but having the footage means you can create more content from just one shoot day.
    • Co-Create Content – Could you work with another business? If you’re promoting your restaurant why not co-create with your grocer, your butcher and your wine or spirit supplier? Share your love of food and highlight your fantastic suppliers. Having multiple businesses promoting the content will give you all a social boost and keep the costs down.

Still planning to go it alone?

If you choose to film and edit your video project yourself then have fun with it. Learning a new skill can be enjoyable and, if you have time to experiment then over time you will get better and better, a great skill to have, especially as video isn’t going anywhere soon. If you decide to invest in getting a production company to create your video content for you then choose wisely. As with all sectors, there are chancers who will offer the moon on a stick but will fail to deliver. 

The accessibility of technology has meant we have seen an increase in companies offering video services, the old adage “If it looks too good to be true then it probably is” has never been more true. Saving a few pounds by trusting an amateur with your video marketing could be a costly mistake in the long run. Be sure to ask lots of questions, get references and see examples of previous work. Ask about public liability insurance, professional indemnity and DBS checks if necessary and if you’re in any doubt at all, then keep asking questions.


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