What is Facebook Live?

Event filmed live by Bellyflop TV on Facebook

Podcasts, vlogs and now Facebook Live.

These are the top current ways of communication with your followers and customers.

But what is Facebook Live, and why the fuss? Sit down, I’ll explain.

Since Facebook decided in 2014 to focus on developing the video side of their newsfeed, it became the 2nd biggest video website right after YouTube.

Facebook changed the algorithm to give more space to videos but in April 2016 also introduced live broadcasts to all users. The business aspect of live streaming gives us countless opportunities to develop our online presence.

It’s about the “here and now” and a definite must-have. All you need is a smartphone.

Let’s say your company has won an award, you can broadcast receiving it, so your customers can watch and share.  Why? People want videos that make them be together so build friendships with your customers and viewers to achieve more.


We offer Facebook LIVE as a new service. Now you probably think this is mad because I just told you how to do it on your smartphone. True but devil’s in the detail.

Imagine you can have a live broadcast in a TV style- live edit, pans, zooms just like on any talk-show. Sounds great and expensive, doesn’t it? Not anymore.

While these shows are produced with a multi camera system (at least 3 cameras involved and a crew) we can do the exact same thing, with just one camera. And still broadcast live.

The best part is it’s not expensive at all.

Live broadcasts are a fun and casual way of communicating with customers that can still bring income to your business, which is why 79% of global internet traffic is predicted to be video by 2020.

Think out of box and spread a word about your company in a relaxed way!

Be unique.

Author: Carol Dabrowska is the social media co-ordinator and office manager at Bellyflop.tv, and can be contacted here.


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