It takes video to show heart and soul.

Only video can show off the heart and soul of a business.

Take away your logo, brand guidelines, corporate colour scheme, and your catchy three word brand statement.

Forget the branding on the side of your office, cleverly written blog posts with the key keywords, your vital SEO statistics that keep you at the top of Google.

Behind the scenes of a good company are people that have heart and soul in what they believe, positive attitude, sincerity and passion. 

If there’s one thing that could show this off to the world it’s video. 

A film that features the people behind the business, the history, how they look, how they act, their personality and belief in what they do is what really gets your message across.

We are bombarded on social media with corporate messages spewed out in prescheduled tweets and Facebook statuses, and important people you need to talk to see through this.

And you know it.

The above film we made for Prest Financial aimed to get the real ethics and values of the business across.

A good quality, well-made, clear and simple video is an opportunity for a business owner to sit down and talk directly to the people that they hope will listen. It’s the best opportunity to get results.


Author: Jonathan Robinson is the founder of


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