Optician Videos

We create short films, photography, and Google Street View for independent opticians.

Video for Opticians. Since 2009 we have created over 500 films for independent opticians, along with videos for eye care products, glazing labs, and eye health charities. All of the films appear in a list on our website here.

Above is the film we made for Perspective Opticians in Solihull.

The videos we create are for a variety of uses:

Opticians websites (like these we did for Turners Visioncare),

Profile films (these we have made for SEIKO Optical UK),

‘Town Tour’ featuring several independent businesses all linked to the local optician,

glazing labs, and other businesses that work in the optician industry.

Throughout making these films we have developed a good understanding of the industry and staff, their message a film needs to portray, and as almost all of the films are for independent opticians, we appreciate each business is individual and unique.

Prices: Costs depend on how much filming and editing is required, and if there are any travel costs. But for a half day of filming and a day of editing a film would be £570 + VAT.

video by bellyflop tv



Google Street View Certified. We can also create virtual tours inside an opticians practice which is added to Google maps.

Above is the Street View tour we created for Bennett and Batty Opticians 

These ‘see inside’ tours give people the opportunity to take a look around including a visit inside the testing rooms.

Take a look inside Arbuthnot Opticians in south Wales, or The Big Opticians in Newcastle.

Many of the Street View tours we have created for opticians appear in a list on our website here.

The tours are handy when you want a business to be discovered on Google search results.

More information about the Google Street View service we offer can be found on our page here.

Prices: Costs are based on a business size. Most practices are on one level with a couple of testing rooms and the display area so most films come under a ‘small business’ price so would be £225 + VAT, along with travel costs if outside Greater Manchester.


Photography for Opticians. We also carry out photography for opticians too, such as head and shoulders and group shots of all of the staff, through to external and internal photographs of the business, frame displays and the technology inside the opticians.

Above is a photo we did at the start of the film for  The Big Optician in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

These images can be used on social media, websites, or any other marketing requirements.

As we have created so many optician films it’s very likely you will recognise someone in one of our films, so feel free to contact them and get their opinion on us and our work. And if you require any more information just email us here, or call 01282 222 620.