Video Editing for Customers

You might think that being an Editor wouldn’t involve customer service – this isn’t the case. A big part of my job is to talk to customers to gather information about how they would like their film.

For me, the start of the customer service journey starts with an email or phone call from the customer who want to arrange a quote, a date for filming or simply enquiring about having a film made. Straight away this is followed up by an email confirming our conversation often giving available dates and examples of similar category films so that the customer has the option to be inspired by what we have previously done.

Once the date has been agreed, it’s Jonathan’s turn to get involved by filming them – once this has been completed it’s back to me in the office to create something special for them.

When I’m editing a film the customer is always in my mind. Would they like this? Should I edit it like that? In the end, I’m creating a mirror image of the customers’ business and the people involved in it so making them look amazing is vital.


Choosing the background music can also change the mood of the video. Happy or soothing or excited? It can be taken in any way and will drive the feel of the business overall with the viewers – remember that most viewers will mostly listen to the film rather than watch it so having the right audio is essential!

The customer is regularly updated on the film’s progress and once I have a first draft it is sent to the customer. I welcome any changes from the customer as it is their film after all!

If there are any changes they are completed in the next day or so, graphics are added that are brand specific – another customer service driven aspect – and the film is ready to go!

A majority of the films I edit would’ve been filmed, edited, sent and live in around 10 days! So you won’t be waiting around for us as we put you, the customer, first.

A recent film we’ve done was completed within a week, here’s what the customer told us…

“Bellyflop TV were efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with.”

There’s no doubt that customer service is at the heart of everything that we do whether that’s the business we’re doing a film for, the customer of the business we’re doing the film for, or even the potential customers of the business we’re doing the film for.



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