Video Consultancy

If you’re looking at video then the best place to start is with a review of what you already have, however much content you have then it is probably not enough. Cisco found that by 2022, video traffic will account for 82% of consumer internet traffic.

With this in mind businesses, including yours, need to prioritse video. Not video for the sake of it but video that delivers value either through informations exchange, entertainment or education.

Video can seem overwhelming but hiring a video consultant might be the quickest, most effective way to achieve your video goals. Fortunately Bellyflop can help with that.

Planning video content for marketing, training, events, or recruitment can be a daunting task for in-house teams, particularly when it comes to balancing budget constraints, marketing activity and social media accounts.

We are experts in helping businesses identify efficiencies with video based on our experience. Our expert consultants can work alongside your in-house team to plan video content and activity for the year to ensure maximum ROI.

Our expert video consultancy includes:

  • Competitive content analysis
  • Brand & content strategy
  • Video auditing
  • Media distribution
  • Social network marketing

Many clients aren’t sure what content will translate into sales. Bellyflop’s video consultants can help you drive a real return on investment by having an expert to review your video content.

Our team not only understand video but sales and marketing strategy as well. Having a someone there to support you can ensure unbiased and helpful analysis of your content. We help determine what should be done first or what should be done next. Making video that delivers results. We can help with your sales and marketing strategy in addition to giving you creative guidance.

We can help develop a style and format that delivers sales results, content that helps with marketing or promoting your product or service and films that reassure your clients that they have made a wise choice in choosing your company. Increasingly the sales funnel is not about passing clients through and finding more to fill the top of the funnel but more about delighting your clients so they stay with you and place repeat business. Video can help you achieve that and our consultants can help you reach that goal.

We can:

  • Review your current video strategy (if it exists)
  • Help plan your marketing strategy
  • Help staff feel confident on camera
  • Help you utilise video within the sales process
  • Help develop an SEO strategy for video
  • Advise on what technology to invest in to go it alone
With over two decades of expertise in media from broadcasting to digital and social you really are in safe hands working with Bellyflop. We can work with you on an ad-hoc basis or on an ongoing retained basis but when you hire Bellyflop you aren’t just getting text book responses. You are accessing many years of knowledge and experience and short-cutting your way to a better video presence. Whether you are looking for someone to help you organise your existing in-house resources to perform better, looking to hire freelance staff or for us to create content for you then contact us for a no obligation chat to explore what may work best for you.

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