Three Things You Need To Consider When Setting Up Your Business Social Media

You just created some social media content – Awesome!

What next?

Before you share it with your audience, how does it fit with your social media strategy? What? You mean you don’t have one! Don’t worry, lots of businesses don’t but we can help you rectify that with apps, or rather A.P.P.S!

Many small businesses are embracing the power of social media but have no strategy or plan in place to ensure their content is delivering results.  whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, educate your followers or drive sales you need to decide on your Aim. So A = AIM – establish that first.


Once you know what your aim (or aims) is (or are) now it’s time to decide which Platform to utilise.  Are you planning on using a platform because your competitors are using it? Because it’s the easiest one for you to use or have you done detailed research to find out where the people you want to connect with hang out? So P = PLATFORM – where do your potential clients hang out?

If you are using more than one channel what content do you Plan on sharing on each? Although many people will have multiple social media accounts how they interact on each will be different so it’s not always possible to take a one for all approach to content so the second P = PLAN – theres no point utilising 4 platforms if you can only create content for one so think carefully.

All of that may seem a little daunting right now as you start out with social media or start to enhance the way you do things,  but remember the key to social media is to Socialise, don’t irritate your followers with annoying clickbait or broken links to clunky websites. Think of your channels like being in the local pub, if you go in yelling BUY MY STUFF then people will most likely ignore you. If you strike up a conversation and realise you have a solution for someones problem then they will be more receptive to hearing that idea so the S = SOCIALISE!

APPS, it’s quite simple really:

AIM – Decide on what’s do you want to achieve?

PLATFORM – Where will you achieve the best results?

PLAN – What are you sharing, with whom and when?

SOCIALISE – Enjoy chatting and making new connections!

If it all looks a bit much for you then that’s where Bellyflop comes in. Our aim is to get you off the social media starting blocks to a point where you are starting to see results.  If you click in to the video above you will see some of the offers we have available to new customers on an ad-hoc basis throughout this Covid19 crisis. Theres no tie in’s, no contracts and no hassle just straight forward support how you want it when you want it.

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