The Perils of DIY Website Video

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Just like trying to fix your car when you are not a mechanic, making your own website video can cause you more stress and hassle than fulfilment of a job well done. With so many videos to hit ‘play’ on, you need to do the best you can to make sure it’s your efforts they select.


So here are a few tips for those wanting to make their own video.

Firstly think carefully about what you want the video to do for you with regards to message or reaction, then work backwards so your content is based on this result.

Simple works better every time keep ideas straight forward and don’t over-complicate especially if you’re not used to doing video. Ideally the film will feature just a couple of different people and it will be no more than two minutes.

If you are going to feature customers or staff just be aware that they will expect to see the finished product before it goes ‘live’. If you ask them to give up time to be in your film and then it never sees the light of day or their bit isn’t used they can get offended and think that it’s something about them you didn’t like.

Prepare yourself for the time video takes to do. The filming, editing, designing graphics, it can all take time so factor this if you intend having the video live by a certain date.

Also be careful when it comes to teasing your followers about how you are making a video. If it becomes delayed or too time-consuming to complete and the video never gets finished you can be left looking disorganised.

Prepare yourself for criticism everyone has an opinion when it comes to video and you don’t want your film being used as a bad example or rivals picking holes in your message. Usually it’s a good idea to share the video with friends and work colleagues just to get their opinion.

Usually people hate seeing themselves back on video it’s difficult to film yourself in any case but just bear in mind you might not be happy with the first results. Likewise customers you ask to be in the video may also not like how they look and may ask you to film it again.

The video work doesn’t stop once the film is completed, you must share the film online and get people watching otherwise it was a wasted effort. Don’t expect people just to watch the film because it’s there.

Finally estimate how much of your time making a video will take in total. Factor in the time to write up ideas, to film, edit, re-edit and upload the film and get people talking about it. It’s all a hidden cost of time.

It might work out more affordable to actually get the film made professionally depending on the cost in time it would take you, which is when I hope you call or email me!

My payroll, book keeper and accountant do a great job and take away the stress of me worrying about certain parts of running business. I can do the same for you regarding video production.



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