The Beauty of Reusable Content

You may have heard of the phrase ‘reusable content’ but what does it mean and how can you apply it and what benefits does it have to your business?

Time & Cost Effective

It is almost like speculating to accumulate. If you spend a bit of time crafting a well-written piece of content, whether that be a LinkedIn Article or a Blogpost for your site. After that content goes through an editorial process (this doesn’t need to be a massive process, just making sure that your spelling, grammar and writing style is correct for your brand).

So by cutting up the content you’ve just created and establishing a content style guide for your social media platforms, your content can be shared across all platforms and you can reach a wider audience and track your successes.

Increased Consistency 

If you have content created and it has gone through an editorial process, it means that your content has been given the nod. Therefore, you know the content has been given the green light. This means that all the information within the current content is correct and therefore the style, information and brand are all to the company’s standard.

Quality of Content

With the time and consistency already spent on making the content to the best quality. So it is already up to standards of the content that should be shared on your platforms. However, with an effective content style guide, you can make sure that you have quality posts across all of your social media which means it has a fantastic return of investment as you will have an online presence.

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