Terms & Conditions for Stockport Business Awards voucher

BellyFlop TV makes video for websites and social media; affordable in price, original in style with innovative ideas, and is unique in its approach. To make sure you get the very best in value and efficiency please read through this Terms of Service.

When we make a film we keep the process affordable by involving You, the Client, at every stage. We agree a completion date in advance. This is the date the film will be finished. We work on quick turnaround and tight schedules because our customers (You) tell us you’d like your film quickly.

The voucher is valid for filming at one location within the Stockport Borough for half a day (a 4 hour filming session) and half a day (4 hours) edit. The voucher value is £470+VAT and CANNOT be exchanged for a cash alternative. Voucher expires 00:00 Saturday 31st March 2018.

Filming Guide:
When you redeem your voucher, we will email you a ‘Filming Guide’ document – This gives a You the opportunity to explain what You need in the film, along with examples of other films you may have seen and like or do not like. If You are unable to complete a ‘Filming Notes’ document we may not be able to understand your requirements. The ‘Filming Notes’ will become the content of your film. If something has not been mentioned in the Filming Notes then the film may cost more after the edit if it may require extra filming beyond the amount of the voucher.

BellyFlop TV will treat all customer information as confidential and will act with discretion. Information will not be passed outside BellyFlop TV unless required by law. We will be happy to adhere to any Confidentiality Agreement required by the client for sensitive data or subjects.

Calculating Costs:
The voucher is valid for a half day /4 hours filming and half a day edit / 4 hours. If you require a further filming session, additional edit time or a professional Voice Over artist, we will inform you about the additional cost as this will exceed the voucher value. Once the ‘Filming Notes’ are completed and reviewed by our team, we will advise you if your film is too ambitious for the time you have allocated, remember most adverts you see on TV will have budgets of many tens of thousands so be realistic with your aims.

Film Costs vs Film Duration:
The voucher value covers the filming and editing of a 2 minute film (audio, visual, basic graphics) – any additional work beyond this may be charged.

Client Liaison:
You should nominate one person from your organisation to liaise between BellyFlop TV and the plethora or people who may need to see, authorise or critique your film within your organisation. This will save confusion and should avoid conflicting edit notes being sent which may slow the edit or result in additional costs being incurred.

Filming Process:
The day of filming, or ‘Shoot day’, will involve two Camera Operators from BellyFlop TV coming along to film.

Camera Equipment:
The Camera Operators will have one HD broadcast quality camera, a Go-Pro camera, and an SLR camera which may be used for some videos and photographs. They will have at least two radio microphones and low energy lights. We can shoot with more cameras but this would need to be agreed in advance and may be subject to additional costs depending on what equipment we have available.

Client Preparation:
During filming, the camera operator can interview the subject (person) or You can do this but you need to decide before the shoot. Don’t forget other factors such as parking for anyone involved in the film including the Bellyflop camera operators who may have a lot of kit to transport to and from the vehicle, access to locations, identity badges, and availability of interview subjects should be arranged beforehand to ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible. Don’t forget when interviewing a subject noise may be a problem, eg. Conducting an interview in an engineering toolroom or next to a busy road may not be suitable. Also limited daylight in Winter months may be an issue for a film and needs factoring into a filming schedule.

Shoot Day Schedule and Locations:
The voucher allows filming at one location only in the Stockport borough. If the Shoot day requires a filming schedule this needs to be sent at least 24 hours in advance of filming and should correspond to the period of filming (4 hours including the travel).

Amount of Filming Footage and Rest Breaks:
We understand a customer is keen to film as much material as possible on a filming day. There is no specific limit in minutes or hours on how much can be filmed, and it’s impossible to set a guideline as every shoot is different. But if the filming day involves a large number of people to interview and / or travelling from different locations then it’s advisable to send through a schedule of the day in advance.

Social Media on Filming Days:
As much of the audience for online films comes from social media, we often tweet who, where and when we are filming, including our customers names in a tweet and possibly photographs. If this is a concern for you or, if there are confidentiality issues, then this needs to be raised by you in advance.

Footage after the Shoot:

At the end of the filming day the Camera Operators will bring the footage back to the BellyFlop TV office, where it will be uploaded to our edit systems and backed up for security. This ensures your valuable footage is kept safe.

Change of Brief after Filming:
If your requirements of a film change after filming, such as the ‘direction’ of the film, the duration, if further content is required, new graphics or a voiceover that was not initially mentioned in the Filming Guide, this may result in extra costs based on £60 + VAT per hour.

Edit Process and Attending Edit.

The ‘edit’ is when the footage we filmed is uploaded to our edit system and edited together to make the film. Filming Notes are critical for the edit, as the person who operated the camera is not the person editing the footage. You are welcome to attend the edit at our offices if you would like to watch your film take shape, it’s your choice whether you take us up on this invite.

Draft Edit:
When we have finished editing your film we will issue a ‘Draft Edit’ to view online via an unlisted YouTube link. A ‘Draft Edit’ may be without music and graphics, or be longer than the intended final film. It’s at this point where we ask you to decide on which bits you want to keep and which bits you want us to edit out.

Captions and Graphics:
At the ‘Draft Edit’ stage of the edit, you will be requested to list the ‘Captions and Graphics’ required in your film. These are the name captions of people featured that appear at the bottom of the screen, they include any introduction captions and end captions or credits. If your company has a ‘Style Guide’ or ‘Brand Guidelines’ then this needs to be sent via email to BellyFlop TV . If any information such as names
and job title is incorrect there may be an hourly cost of £60.00 + VAT per hour to recreate the captions and re-edit the film so please check name spellings and job titles.

Client Edit Changes:
When you have viewed the ‘Draft Edit’ film, email us with any ‘Edit Changes’ to the film. As we need to share the ‘Edit Changes’ amongst staff at Bellyflop, all notes need to be emailed to us and cannot be accepted in a phone call, via social media or text message. All of your colleagues who need to ‘Approve’ a film must watch the film at this stage so that all of their ‘Edit Changes’ can collectively be issued together by you.

Revised Edit:
The ‘Revised Edit’ with completed ‘Edit Changes’ will then be re-uploaded via YouTube. You then need to approve the ‘Revised Edit’. If there are any ‘Final Edit Changes’ we will endeavour to do these but they are expected to be only small changes at this stage. Bigger changes may be possible but will be chargeable at an extra hourly cost of £60.00 + VAT an hour. No costs will be charged to a customer without BellyFlop TV giving prior notice.

Speed of Edit Changes:
Once edit changes are given by you it may take several hours to make the changes, convert the revised edited film into a video file, and then upload to YouTube. This may take longer if the film is long.

BellyFlop TV will often supply photographs from the shoot as high quality jpeg images if available, these are not charged to you and prove to be useful for use in websites and social media. If you require something specific photographed during filming; this needs to be detailled in the Filming Notes. A single compressed file containing the photographs may be sent to you within a couple of days after filming as a download link. This link will expire after one month so needs to be downloaded promptly as we may not be able to re-create a link. The photographs are not touched up or altered in any way.

Film ‘Turn Around’ Time.
BellyflopTV has an efficient process of editing films promptly after filming with Draft Edits issued usually within a week. However, if the film has a deadline or you need it by a specific date then this needs to be highlighted by you in the Filming Notes. The approval of the film, or if it needs to be supplied in a certain format may add extra time so needs factoring in.

Music and Copyright:
Unless specifically requested, we will not use copyright music, this can be any pop music track, or even something that may sound ‘commercial free’. This is because once a video is uploaded to the internet, copyright music can automatically trigger adverts appearing in the film – those adverts may well relate to the film subject matter as they are based on the internet users viewing history and could be promoting a rival product or service.

The Completed Film:
The ‘Final Film’ will be sent via a download link on email to you. This link will expire after 30 days so it’s recommended the link is downloaded within a few days. The ‘Final Film’ can also be directly uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo channel, we can do this for you but we will require the YouTube or Vimeo password and username to sign in.

Travel Costs:
We do not charge travel costs if travel involves a total ‘round trip’ journey to the filming location from the BellyflopTV office of less than 50 miles. If it’s over 50 miles than travel costs are based on the actual fuel costs + an additional 20%. Travel costs will always be agreed in advance of a shoot.

Miscellaneous Costs:
If we incur costs for parking, congestion charge, toll roads (where no practical alternative is available), or if a specific ‘paid for’ font is needed for your graphics or if a specific music track is required from Itunes, these costs may be added to the overall cost. These costs will be agreed in advance of filming and edit.

Data / DVD Discs:
We no longer supply DVD copies as standard as its easier for customers to be sent download links. We can send a copy on a data DVD on request.

The Copyright of a film remains with BellyflopTV until full and final payment has been made. If a film is ‘published’ online such as uploaded to a website, YouTube, or other social media and payment has not been made within the 28 day payment period a ‘Copyright Infringement Notice’ may be issued which will result in the film being removed and Copyright Infringement Notice being announced in its place. BellyflopTV maintains the right to use footage from the final edit of each video on its website and as a promotional tool.

Original Footage:
If you require the ‘Original Footage’ there may costs incurred for an external USB pen or hard drive to place the footage onto and hand over or post, depending on how much material there is there may be a small cost in the time spent transferring the footage. This would always be agreed with you in advance.

BellyflopTV has Public Liability Insurance up to £10 Million, and full employee, vehicle and equipment insurance. We also have indemnity insurance so if footage or an edit is lost for any reason then the costs are covered for us to reshoot and edit a film.

Cancellation Fee:
If the filming day is cancelled less than 5 days before the proposed filming date, the voucher becomes invalid.

And finally:

BellyflopTV is under no obligation to complete a film if we feel our relationship with you has irretrievably broken down or we feel our professional reputation may be in jeopardy. We also accept no liability for a failure to carry out services due to situations beyond our control, such as (but not limited to) Acts of God, fire, flood, war, failure of power supply or other similar matters. You will be informed as soon as possible and can at that stage elect to discontinue our services. We will rearrange filming for an alternative date suitable for all parties.

Privacy Policy
BellyflopTV’s Confidential information policy refers to the terms and conditions on the use of any information related to commercially valuable, substantial trade secrets on which you have spent time, effort and money. This information includes information concerning research and development activities of the client, software and hardware capabilities of the organization, as well as methodologies and technical know-how implemented in the business, business information, product prices, financial agreements that are not available on the public domain are treated as confidential information. Any information disclosed to us in confidence by you for the purpose of the project and its design is treated as confidential information and is subject to the following policy.

1. Treatment of Confidential Information
BellyflopTV will not choose to disclose any confidential information to third party services and will only use the information for services as stated in the agreement. We hold the responsibility of protecting the information from both, authorized and unauthorized disclosure, by employing the maximum respect and prudent care in its handling. All information is treated as highly protected and is not shared; even after the termination of the project, with any other party other than you the client.

2. Protection of Unauthorised Disclosure of Information
If either party comes across information perceived to be confidential, but not related to the terms of the agreement, the party in receipt of the information holds it in confidence, unless deemed as a transgression of the agreement.

3. Disclosure of Information
Both parties may choose to disclose information to employees, agents and contractors on a ‘need to know’ basis, on the condition that the party has agreed to an obligation to protect the information in the agreement.

• a) Reproduction of Information The Company owns the contract and holds the right to use the information during the course of the project.

• b) Application of the Privacy Policy The obligation of the execution of this agreement is effective from the date of the execution of the Agreement and continues after the termination of the Agreement or the completion of the project, on their occurrence.

• c) Each party accepts that the wrongful disclosure of confidential information may lead to irreparable damage to the organization involved. In such cases, either party may opt for a legal solution in any court for the breach, or opt for any other legal remedy.