Social Media Live Videos: Staged or Natural?

Going Live on Facebook and Instagram has been an increasing trend over the past couple of years and why do so many businesses see the benefit? Let’s look at 5 important benefits: 1. It creates unique content that no one else can replicate 2. It’s cost effective because it grabs attention 3. You can generate […]

Infographics: Making your facts sexy

Infographics are important for making complex information easier to understand in an engaging design.  An infographic can make your job a lot easier, whether that be trying to communicate how your business is going or you are trying to market a product. Infographics can: Condense lengthy information such as blogs and long reports Engage audiences […]

Is your business ready for Instagram’s changes?

video production by bellyflop tv

Instagram are going to be rolling out new features over the next couple of months that could possibly change how small businesses use the platform altogether! Bye bye “likes” Instagram announced that posts can be liked, however, the number of likes on a post won’t be able to be seen by your audience. This can […]

How do you compare the value of a video?

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I’m interested in finding out about peoples perception of value when it comes to video marketing vs printed materials so just want to throw this out there for comment, can you help? Firstly I would like to highlight that I understand and appreciate the value in printed matter, I feel there will always be a […]

What is Facebook Live?

Event filmed live by Bellyflop TV on Facebook

Podcasts, vlogs and now Facebook Live. These are the top current ways of communication with your followers and customers. But what is Facebook Live, and why the fuss? Sit down, I’ll explain. Since Facebook decided in 2014 to focus on developing the video side of their newsfeed, it became the 2nd biggest video website right […]

What is Facebook Like-Farming?

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How many times have you seen a post shared by a Facebook friend which claims you can win an iPad, Argos vouchers, or a share of Mark Zuckerberg’s millions? Just by sharing the post you could be chosen. It’s clearly too good to be true, but people fall for it. This is called like-farming, once the […]

Social Media- Take Control.

Rick Astley Social Media bellyflop tv

Do you have control of your social media or are you just spending far too much time on it? And as a business you may be feeling that social media has no real benefits so all the more reason to give it up. Well follow Rick Astley’s belief, he is ‘never gonna give you up’ […]