Time & Light – Get It Right!

Hello! If you have been following this short series of blogs then by now hopefully you have picked up some good tips on how to create your own content. If you have been experimenting then I am sure you are already starting to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Remember I blogged about […]

Is your business ready for Instagram’s changes?

video production by bellyflop tv

Instagram are going to be rolling out new features over the next couple of months that could possibly change how small businesses use the platform altogether! Bye bye “likes” Instagram announced that posts can be liked, however, the number of likes on a post won’t be able to be seen by your audience. This can […]

Photography for added value

Bellyflop press photography

On almost every film shoot we do, we also take photographs- of people, places, and products. We use photos in the video edit if we need a close-up static shot of an object for example, but we also do photography as an extra added value for customers. Quite often the filming location (such as an […]

Our Apprentice Gets Creative with a Camera

Barbershop tools

Although video production is the majority of our work, we do photography too, including Google Street View virtual tours. With photography in mind we have given Josh our apprentice camera operator a weekly task of creating a gallery of photos based on just one word, such as ‘reflections’, ‘wheels’, or ‘sky’. The reason for the […]