Check your behind!

Before you next create a video then just before you press record take a look at what your viewers will see.

Stockport LIVE is here!

video by bellyflop tv

As part of our growing community work in Stockport, we have created Stockport LIVE! Stockport LIVE is a new branch of Bellyflop TV that specialises in building community spirit and awareness through video. Every week we are aiming for a new film to be posted to the page about the community or an event that […]

What is Facebook Live?

Event filmed live by Bellyflop TV on Facebook

Podcasts, vlogs and now Facebook Live. These are the top current ways of communication with your followers and customers. But what is Facebook Live, and why the fuss? Sit down, I’ll explain. Since Facebook decided in 2014 to focus on developing the video side of their newsfeed, it became the 2nd biggest video website right […]