21 Top Corprate Video ideas for 2021

Opting to create video for your business is a great decision! I may be biased but the statistics back that up. Consumers love video. More than 80% of all internet traffic is video content and the number grows each year. Roughly 70% say they’d prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching […]

Increase conversions by over 300% – What you need to know about testimonials!

Video testimonials are incredibly powerful but are not always easy to make. British people often feel uncomfortable talking when there is someone in the room who may not like what they have to say. Testimonials are just that, someone talking about you, the service you provide or the product you sell and sometimes they might […]

How Does Video Supports Print?

Different media forms are supposed to be sworn enemies, but many businesses are seeing the value of building a marketing strategy that includes various communication platforms to target their customer base. Often those businesses that deal solely with print struggle in this digital era, however, print still does have it’s benefits and these need to […]

How do you compare the value of a video?

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I’m interested in finding out about peoples perception of value when it comes to video marketing vs printed materials so just want to throw this out there for comment, can you help? Firstly I would like to highlight that I understand and appreciate the value in printed matter, I feel there will always be a […]

Why Customers Should Visit the Edit!

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Claire Stott of Orbit Developments tells us why visiting the edit benefited her and her film. Transcript: Hi, I’m Claire from Orbit Developments, we are a commercial property company based in South Manchester. The reason I’ve come in today is because we’ve been working on a video for Macclesfield Means Business. We’re quite lucky because […]

Using a Teleprompter When Making Video!


In this vlog, Carol tells us about how using a teleprompter when making video can be beneficial for all parties.   Transcript: Czesc, tutaj Carol z BellyflopTV or in English it’s Hello, it’s Carol here from BellyflopTV. Today I’d like to talk to you about using a teleprompter, which I’m doing right now, and its […]

Why Visiting the Edit is Beneficial for your Film!

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In this vlog, Sammi, Senior Editor at Bellyflop TV talks about the advantages of customers visiting the edit. Claire Stott of Orbit Developments gives her testimonial about how visiting the edit helped her film get finished so much quicker! Transcript:  Hi, I’m Sammi. Here in the edit my job is to turn what’s been filmed […]

Why an Apprenticeship at Bellyflop TV worked for me!

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The team at Bellyflop TV have recently filmed themselves in blogs and each week we will be publishing them to give you an insight into our world! Here’s our apprentice Josh and his story.   Transcript: Hey up everyone, Josh here from BellyflopTV! It’s been a year since I joined the team, so I’d like […]

Stockport LIVE is here!

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As part of our growing community work in Stockport, we have created Stockport LIVE! Stockport LIVE is a new branch of Bellyflop TV that specialises in building community spirit and awareness through video. Every week we are aiming for a new film to be posted to the page about the community or an event that […]

The Real Time It Takes to Edit

An editing system at Bellyflop.tv

When a customer gets a quote for their film, it is usually along the lines of, “half day/full day edit is…” so that works out at either 4 hours or 8 hours. In this blog post I wanted to highlight the real time that is spent when I am editing customers’ films. Jonathan and Josh […]