Social Shorts

We have a video idea to help businesses in our ‘Corona’ situation.

With so many of us still attempting to work from home in ‘isolation’, we (Bellyflop) have aimed at creating something for our clients that is affordable, useful, practical, and keeps us active as well, creating videos.

Our Social Shorts video offer is for graphics based films of around 20 seconds duration, at £75 + VAT each. They are designed to work on social media, and we can create versions specifically for Instagram’s square image style too.

All we require a customer to do is have a look at some of the examples of films we have done on our website here, then tell us which one they like. We then will ask you for some editorial guidance along with some high quality photographs (at least 1MB), and any style guidance.

The films can be done within a day and we will send the film through to you as a Vimeo link for approval, once you are happy we will be able to send you a download link.

Once you have the film live we will share it with our 30,000+ social media connections.

If you potentially require more than one film then we can arrange a discount for several videos. Also, if you are a brand new customer to us we may require payment before sending you the download link.

If a business contact of yours comes to mind that you feel could benefit from these, please do let them know.

Stay safe! Jonathan.


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