Social Media Management and Creation

Hi guys, it’s Carol here.

Over the past 2 months we’ve been taking care of social media for one of our customers. Content creation for our own pages was easier because we knew the field and what we wanted to say… Creating posts for a non-existing family of mascots was not so simple.

Here’s what we did and what we can do for you if you require a refreshment of your own social media pages.



First of all, we had to focus on the business aims like getting a bigger movement on their website and linking it to what those characters will be saying.

Personally, I had to become those characters and try to think like them in order to provide the best content possible which will be fun and engaging for the audience and will make the customer happy with the statistics.

Hard research, hours of making graphics, looking for fun facts and voilà! The content was ready!

So what’s the next stage when we had the posts ready?

In the office we have a big schedule board. All the content was planned and written carefully but scheduling is essential too.

You want to avoid repetition, the theme posts should appear on a specific days and we highlighted them in different colours which allowed  us to distinguish what will be posted on which platform.

Facebook and Twitter are very different;  Twitter allows you to be more casual and there’s a character limitation too so you have to be concise in the message.  By keeping it organised and labelled we know what content should go where in order to make the customer happy and viewers interested.

You might think managing a few social media platforms at the same time can be stressful or content creation will be a nightmare; but there are ways to manage it

If you keep yourself organised, plan ahead and know the tools that will help your keep platforms running, you realise how easy it is.

Content creation? Once you fully understand the characters, the business and the message you want to put across the platforms ti starts to become a well oiled machine.

Creative people are not afraid of challenges and since we are a creative team, we’re not afraid of taking new tasks on board.

If you’d like to see how we changed The Eyebrights pages, visit their Twitter  or their Facebook



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