Social Media Live Videos: Staged or Natural?

Going Live on Facebook and Instagram has been an increasing trend over the past couple of years and why do so many businesses see the benefit?

Let’s look at 5 important benefits:

1. It creates unique content that no one else can replicate
2. It’s cost effective because it grabs attention
3. You can generate excitement around certain updates before going live
4. You can connect with your audience in real time
5. It can drive more traffic to your page

So, it is no secret that these hold a lot of power in giving your business brand an identity and personality but how are these videos best constructed? There are pros and cons for having your Facebook live staged, as there is for a natural live video too!

Staged: Pros

• You can develop a well drafted script/guidelines, so all information has been captured and delivered
• If executed correctly, it can be extremely professional

Staged: Cons

• Your live video can lose personality
• The people within the video may feel they need to stick precisely to the script
• The video can look forced

Natural: Pros

• There can be a lot of personality and gives customers a peek into your business
• You can open up comments and questions to the audience and answer in real time
• You can have a checklist to keep you on track

Natural: Cons

• You can miss vital information from your live video
• You can accidentally make the video look unprofessional
• There isn’t a second opportunity to go back over the content

As you can see there are pros and cons for both, so it really depends what you are going for and what audience you are trying to communicate.

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