What social media platforms do Bellyflop manage? 

We manage YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and would look at managing other platforms if there is a specific one you would like to use.

What businesses need social media? 

All businesses! There are a lot of customers out there and you want to edge ahead of your competition by looking active within the online community. It ultimately opens a door between you and customers that you may have previously found hard to reach.

Is there a set up fee? 

Yes – there is a small set up fee, this covers the cost of creating a social media audit of your existing presence in addition to creating a strategy for your ongoing social media presence.  Once this is created it is yours to do with as you please so, if you decide not to continue your contract with us you still have this as a point of reference. Because Bellyflop are dedicated to creating a fantastic social media strategy for you and your business to benefit from including collating and collecting all information to ensure that your company shines online we are confident you will want to stay with us and enjoy seeing the fruits of our labour.

Why is outsourcing social media better? 

Quite simply – it frees up your time! Many people may think that the business’ voice and tone gets lost by engaging a third party but that is not the case when you engage us. Bellyflop ensure that you get a dedicated social media assistant who you can contact with all your news and updates that they can then tailor to ensure it makes a great impact on social media. We ensure we are always fully up to date with the latest trends and developments in the ever changing world of social media so we can promote your business effectively.

Does Bellyflop create social media adverts?

In short, Yes! We have ensured that we are fully trained on conducting successful advertisements that span across all platforms to make sure that your business has a positive return on investment.