Rough, Ready, Relevance.

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I did a workshop last week with one of our customers, teaching them how to make their own videos on smart phones and smaller cameras.

It might seem like potentially less work for us, but being realistic video should be as frequent as possible, more than most marketing budgets would allow, so one of the things we believe in is ‘rough, ready, relavence’.

This means a video is forgiven for being rough around the edges (such as not shot professionally, or a slick affair with graphics and music) if it’s ready to watch online quickly from the time the filmed situation happened, and the content is relevant to the audience the social media channels it is posted on.

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Take a look at some of the biggest videos on YouTube and how quality (or the lack of it) doesn’t play a part in the film. On my own personal YouTube channel the most popular video has been viewed 680,000 times and it’s one that took very little effort.

Charlie bit my finger again, and don’t 843 million of us know it. This video took very little effort (apart from Charlie’s biting skills).

So, putting this into action, what simple films can you be doing on your smart phone?

A customer testimonial. When they give a good reaction ask them at the time they say it to you (if face to face) if you can film it, and do it ‘in the moment’.

Say think you. Do a short video to say thank you to a customer or company you work with. It raises their profile and your own.

Make em laugh. Film some staff in the office as they watch the latest viral video. If they give a good reaction and post it, people will be searching for reaction videos of the video. Its a fun Friday post.

React to the news. If something happens in the news relevant to your business (so a quick look at todays news it’s 1 in 10 adults will get diabetes) so if you are a health charity or personal trainer then give a reaction video whilst the subject is trending.

The film above I did is the most popular video when you search ‘Woolworths’. It was done when Woolworths closed, and YouTube recognises its popularity in sparking reaction from the amount of comments so puts it to the top of the search results list.

Yes, if we made the video it might look professional, and a lot of what we film is turned round from idea to finished video online in a week or less, but sometimes your video needs to be rough, ready, and relevant.

Professional well made video can also be part of your social media, and as we do these for you we can also help with your rough, ready, relevant ideas. If you want some ideas just contact us here.

Author: Jonathan Robinson is the founder of and a YouTuber with years experience of making videos work online.


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