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If we have made a film for you previously it’s important you know the footage and photographs are never deleted, and may still hold potential for new videos.

It’s quite common that when we make a video for a customer, around 90% of interview footage does not get used in the final film.

If we have filmed on several occasions then it’s possible new films with a different theme could be created.

Each film we make for you is usually for a certain audience. A case study video on your website could become a short testimonial film on Twitter and Facebook. A video created for an exhibition of a business location or product can be enhanced with Voiceover and appear on a website front page.


Award bids can be an opportunity to revise film footage with a theme and title relevant to the award bid, along with new graphics, animation and voiceover.

We have made 6 films for customers for award entries and all six won the awards. The feedback was none of the other entrants had a video. Several of these films have been made by re-editing footage into a brand new film.

If you would like us to look at footage we have previously filmed for you to see if there are new films that could be made, or if you need us to revise a film previously made (such as if the staff have changed, job titles in captions are incorrect, or a common one is the company branding has been refreshed), then just email us or give us a call!


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