Is Professional Voiceover for Video Effective?

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As part of our video package, we offer professional voiceover – but is it effective at getting potential customers to watch your video?

We talked to Sophie Yates, a local professional voiceover artist & radio presenter about her work with us and how getting a voiceover recorded works.

Sophie Yates - XS Manchester

This is Sophie, you can follow her on Twitter here. (Photo: XS Manchester)

How did you get into this kind of work and what’s your typical working week like?

I started out in the radio industry at just 14 years old during my work experience placement at a commercial radio station in Macclesfield. I continued working at this radio station after work experience as a promotional team member and got my first radio show at just 16 years old. I now work for my ultimate favourite radio station XS Manchester. My typical working week can always differ. I voice a range of different voice overs for many different companies and businesses and I am on air broadcasting across Manchester between 2-6PM every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Which Bellyflop TV videos have you voiced, and do any stick out in your mind?

I have done many voiceovers for Bellyflop TV including: Every Can Counts, The Bellyflop TV Showreel, Stackawraps, NHS (this was a series of films), Step Outside Road Safety, GLS Educational Supplies, Stockport Council and one that sticks out in my mind the most was my most recent voiceover for a pharmaceuticals company which was probably the most complicated voice over I have ever done but the most rewarding as I never thought I could pronounce half of the words on the script, but after a lot of research and hard work, I did it!

GLS Educational SuppliesLearn how to make a handprint wreath with Sophie here.

What’s the process of recording voiceovers for Bellyflop TV?

I always make sure I have a read through the script in my head first to get an idea of the company. I will also do some additional research into the company to know more about them and get a feel for their customers/clients. I make sure I read the script out loud at least 3 times with the microphone on and have a listen back to make sure I am pronouncing words correctly, check my breathing between words is correct and make sure my tone of voice is suitable for the company I am speaking on behalf of. Once I am happy with all this, I will record a few takes in sections and choose the best of the bunch.

Stockport Way-findersYou can hear Sophie in these films for Stockport Council (2016).

Why do you think professional voiceovers for website videos are effective?

Professional voiceovers for website videos will always draw in more visitors to the website because it is visually pleasing and easy for them to know more about the company. It will also most likely turn them into customers that feel at ease after hearing a friendly voice and knowing a lot more without reading huge amounts of text. Even though a video with a voiceover captures the attention of the consumers, it is so important to ensure your video and voiceover is completely professional and faultless. The quality needs to be the best it can be and only a professional voice over artist can do that.


Author: Sammi is the Editor at Bellyflop TV and has been with us since 2014. You can read her other posts here.


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