A right royal filming day

royal family filming

Most of the Royal family are regulars on the ‘royal visit’ circuit- and it wasn’t until I filmed one of these in Stockport that I got to appreciate the organisation and detail that went into such an event. Firstly maybe due to security, or maybe just it was last minute, but I was booked to film […]

Video Services

Have a browse through all of our Video Services Corporate Video Production We love nothing more than seeing our customers happy with our work. A large part of the work we do is creating ‘business to business’ video for companies and organisations. Learn More… Entertainment / Viral Films The biggest advantage to making a fun […]


STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD Event live streaming service to help you get more exposure. We are Bellyflop and we’ve been providing a variety of video marketing services for almost 20 years, we can help boost exposure to your events using our live streaming service, and we can help grow your business and improve your […]

Why are you so cheap?

why are you so cheap

Now, if we had a penny every time we’ve heard this, I think we’d have retired five years ago. But, indeed, our prices are usually lower than many other video production companies, but you know what isn’t? Our dedication, commitment, experience, and professionalism. So, what makes Bellyflop’s prices lower than most? First, I want to […]

How can content marketing help grow your business?

content marketing

Ah, content marketing. You hear folk repeatedly shouting about it, marketers telling you to do it, but you don’t quite understand why it’s important. It’s just another cost, right? If that’s the line you’re thinking down, then I’m afraid you couldn’t be more wrong. More and more businesses are starting to utilise content marketing. Why? […]