Our Next ‘Video Showcase’

video by bellyflop tv

Last November we held our first Video Showcase. Our next one is on Wednesday 22nd February at the Robinsons Visitors Centre in Stockport.

The event is firstly a chance for us to show some films we have made for customers and get feedback on what worked and what could make them better. Then it’s also a chance for people to meet and network with each other.
Room full of chairs facing a TV screen

Carol has the room ready for our last Video Showcase

A third reason for the event is for potential new customers to get a feel for how we approach video making and meet some of our previous customers.

The first event was also at Robinsons Visitors Centre and the food and staff last time round were excellent, hence going back!

The blog post on our first video showcase is here, I tell you, here.

We are building up a database of opinion on what people think about website video. The last event gave us useful feedback on what people thought on things like the duration of films, the music, and what the content could be to make videos even better. We are acting upon the responses to make future films as effective as possible.

This second event will actually be two sessions on the same day- one for an audience under 25 years old, and one for over 25’s. We will then compare the comments from the two age groups on the same films and reveal any difference in opinions.

If you would like to attend the next event on Wednesday 22nd February just email us, call us on 0161 477 5621, or complete the details on the contact us form. 

Any customers who are keen for us to show their film for feedback please let us know.


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