Our first ‘Video Showcase’

video by bellyflop tv

We are hosting our first ever ‘Video Showcase’ evening on Wednesday 23rd November 2016, at the Robinsons Visitor Centre in Stockport.

It will be a 90 minute event where some recent short website videos created by us will be shown to a small number of people and refreshments will be served.

Stockport viaduct with the words 'Video Showcase' on

With worldwide leader in Information Technology, Cisco, predicting that over 80% of internet traffic will be for video in 2019 this type of research will be valuable for the growth of Bellyflop.tv.

Since we started as a video production business in 2008 we have made over 1,600 films for customers across areas such as business to business, healthcare, manufacturing, and local authorities. As virtually all of the videos are online and aim to engage viewers on websites and YouTube, it’s important to get honest feedback on what people think.

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The ‘video showcase’ is taking place on the 8th birthday of Bellyflop.tv so it will be a celebratory night for Jonathan, Sammi and Carol.

The evening is also a chance for potential new customers to get an idea of the video work by Bellyflop.tv, and local businesses in Stockport to network together.

“Honest feedback is vital if we want to make videos work. The video showcase is a chance for us to get a reaction from those attending the event for feedback to the customers who agreed for their films to be shown, and also get a better understanding of what people want from website video” – Jonathan.

The event takes place at Robinsons Brewery Visitor Centre from 5.30pm until 7pm. If you would like to come along just email Carol for an invitation, call 0161 477 5621 or complete the contact form.


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