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This blog post is about those people who just seem to add everyone they can on Linkedin, like they are playing a game. 

We all get those requests on LinkedIn. How many of them do you accept without looking at either who you have in common, or how many connections they have already?

I believe there is a reason why LinkedIn does not tell you how many more connections someone has after they exceed 500+, and that is because after 500 connections I think it’s hard to actually stay in decent contact with people, which really means the more people you connect with the less likely the quality is that you can actually engage with them. LinkedIn only allowing the figure 500+ and no more is a disincentive to obsessively keep adding more.

What is Linkedin? Get the fact from the Wiki page here.

Now the only connection I accept when they have 500+ are the ones that I actually have just worked with or already know. Once connected, I then ask ‘how come you’ve connected with so many people?’

I’m aware that this opinion is coming from someone with 16,000 Twitter followers but LinkedIn is far more connected with specific relationships between individuals and their work history all displayed. 

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My Linkedin profile is above- click to see it.

But another way of looking at it is when you accept a connection from someone you don’t actually know, you are then giving them access to everyone on your contact list that you are connected with (which is why the Linkedin 500+ do it), potentially damaging your relationship with long term business contacts when people see you are connected, and then assume they can trust your good judgement

Further reading, try this Forbes blog post that sums up the Linkedin 500+ club and why to avoid the members!

Let’s face it most people that add anyone on LinkedIn can’t possibly interact with everyone they send a connection to, and are only doing it in their interest and not yours.

Oh, and I’m on Linkedin here!

Author: Jonathan Robinson is the founder of and films the majority of the company videos, along with photography and is Google Street View Certified.


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